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Dec 25, 2020

sup fam, hope everyone's having a good holiday. this is another plant-light episode, but c'mon, it's christmas and stuff. we can't be bothered to think about, like, vines or whatever all the time. sometimes you just wanna get together with your buds, reflect on the year, exchange presents, and think about the future....

Dec 15, 2020

don't really have the energy for a description, for a lot of reasons. this one is... well, not really a good representation of the podcast's usual theme. i guess we haven't really visited the podcast's usual theme for a bit now, but this one... yeah, stuff happens. i dunno, just listen. i kind of need to lie down for...

Dec 1, 2020

hey y'all. don't let the fact that skeletor still didn't have time to write a description throw you off, this is a totally normal episode of the show. yup, we talk about tons of plants in this one. so many plants. maybe too many plants? i guess that's up to you. but yup, we cover... moss? and mulch? we definitely don't...

Nov 15, 2020

hey guys, riley here. this episode has less than the usual amount of plant stuff because skeletor's been pretty busy. i'm not sure what he's busy with though. he said "feasibility study" and i tuned out. king stuff, i guess? also, and i cannot stress this enough, do not listen to the end of this episode. definitely...

Nov 1, 2020


Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin
Riley: Kit Mulkerin
Queen Marlena: Claire Mulkerin
Prince Adam/He-Man: Kris Newton
King Randor: Matty Cardarople