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Jul 15, 2020

sup y'all, it's riley again. yeah, skeletor was still locked up for this episode, but i wasn't gonna get arrested by trying to bring the recording equipment back to his cell, so i figured i'd just wing it this week. turns out though, a lot of skeletor's minions actually have a lot to say when a certain someone isn't screaming at them constantly. evil-lyn talks about her ambitions. beast man gives his advice on the best plants to chew. mer-man reveals his surprisingly impressive credentials. whiplash honestly kind of blows my mind with his really stupid philosophy. trap jaw spills the t on why he's really working for skeletor. and i try to keep everyone from catching fire. so far, so good.

Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin
Riley: Kit Mulkerin
Beast Man: Rafael Medina
Mer-Man: Nathaniel Hubbard
Evil-Lyn: Marissa Bond
Whiplash: Liz Logan
Trap Jaw: Aaron Catano-Saez