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Apr 1, 2023

Greetings to you, Pointer Pals, whether you be aquatic, land-based, or amphibious like yours truly, and welcome to the latest installment of the internet's greatest Garden Plots with Skeletor recap podcast, Garden Plot Points with Mer-Man! In this exciting episode, we sit down with none other than Duncan (FKA Man-At-Arms) for a chat about everyone's favorite show, Garden Plots with Skeletor! We chat about the goings-on at the Royal Palace of Eternia, the status of Prince Adam's alignment, and what family-oriented cable channel is best to put on to avoid scaring whatever Ram Man or Beast Man you may have in your life. Plus, we dig into the juicy gossip about his relationship with Skeletor! Are the rumors like a shipwreck, full of glittering treasure just waiting to be discovered? Or are they more like hydrothermal vents: just a lot of hot air? You won't want to miss this one, Mer-Mateys!

Mer-Man: Nathaniel Hubbard
Man-At-Arms: Jarod K Anderson
Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin
Beast Man: Rafael Medina
Riley: Kit Mulkerin