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Jul 1, 2022

i don't know where i got the idea that the chaos around here would somehow decrease or something.

Riley: Kit Mulkerin

Jun 1, 2022

gotta keep up on the news of the day, amirite?

Newscast-or: Nathaniel Hubbard

Egmont Overture by Kevin MacLeod

May 1, 2022

guess what happens when you bring animals into the recording booth?

Mer-Man: Nathaniel Hubbard
Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin
Beast Man: Rafael Medina
Aqua-Kitty: Kit Mulkerin

Apr 1, 2022

maybe the minions have too much free time. gives me a chance to test out my dope new sound board tho.

Beast Man: Rafael Medina
Perfuma: Meganbob
Evil-Lyn: Marissa Bond
Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin

Ambient sound effects from

Mar 1, 2022

straight from the snake mountain answering machine.

Hordak: Chris Sims