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May 1, 2022

guess what happens when you bring animals into the recording booth?

Mer-Man: Nathaniel Hubbard
Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin
Beast Man: Rafael Medina
Aqua-Kitty: Kit Mulkerin

Apr 1, 2022

maybe the minions have too much free time. gives me a chance to test out my dope new sound board tho.

Beast Man: Rafael Medina
Perfuma: Meganbob
Evil-Lyn: Marissa Bond
Skeletor: Dan Mulkerin

Ambient sound effects from

Mar 1, 2022

straight from the snake mountain answering machine.

Hordak: Chris Sims

Feb 8, 2022

see y'all this summer!

Feb 1, 2022

this is a huge one, blah blah blah, nothing will ever be the same again, etc, you know the drill. more importantly, hit me up if you have good ideas for cat names, because so far the only possibilities we have are, like, ocean or fish puns, and i'm not coming to work if i have to see a cat named "sea purrtle." i...